Nothing says more about you than what other people have to say

  • I’ve had many guitar teachers in my time, but Mr. Foxx teaches music theory in such a way that I was able to play by ear, modulate keys and solo within a short time period. Of course I practiced a lot! He’s a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge.

    And he’s generous with it!

    Carlos H. Los Angeles, CA

  • Pete Foxx is an excellent teacher! He is very knowledgeable in all types of music and he loves to share that knowledge with his students. He’s patient calm and knows what the student needs in order for them to become a better guitarist.

    Cathy Los Angeles, CA

  • I have learned so much more than notes, chords and how to strum a guitar from Pete. He has given me a history lesson of music from the early L. A. scene on Central Ave and other local hot spots. I have also been able to pick his brain on the contributors of great jazz and blues that has influenced him as well as others of those genres. After my lesson not only do I feel he has improved my guitar skills, I learned a lesson on what music is all about. The feeling and the styles of whatever songs you are learning are freely expressed and shared. It has been a relationship and experience I would not give up for the world. Thanks Pete, I will always be indebted to what you have passed along to me.

    Tyron S. Los Angeles, CA

    I can be reached at 323-934-0537 Pete Foxx